Urgent Care Now Sacramento Area Clinics: Arden, Fair Oaks

What is urgent care and how does it work?

Urgent care centers are designed to treat those who need attention quickly but donʼt require an emergency room visit. Urgent care centers do not require appointments and are generally open longer hours than a primary care physicianʼs office. For instance, Southern California Emergency Medicine Urgent Care Center’s are open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

Do Urgent Care Centers provide the same treatments as Emergency Rooms?

Generally, they can treat everyday injuries and illnesses just like Emergency Rooms. Urgent Care Now Center’s can treat everything from colds, flu and cuts to fractures, sprains and some dislocations. We provide immunizations, sports physicals, EKGs and X-rays. We perform minor surgical procedures, such as stitches. We also administer IV fluids and have on site lab-testing which you will receive results within the same day.

What do Urgent Care Now Center's treat?

Urgent Care Now Center’s have solutions for individuals of all ages. From kids, teenagers, and adults with a cough, needing sports physicals, and broken bones. Some have lived in town for years but can’t get in to see their primary care physician; some have just moved to town and have yet to establish a primary care physician; some are visiting from out of town; all are looking for high quality, compassionate care from someone they can trust.  And with a full medical team always on site, that’s exactly what they get at Urgent Care Now Center’s.

What will you find at our center?

Urgent Care Now Center’s pride themselves on providing care in a warm, friendly environment. Our center offer multiple, private treatment rooms and careful attention to a comforting aesthetic helps you start feeling better immediately. We offers full-service capabilities including state of the art equipment like digital X-rays as well as on site lab testing, and IV capabilities.

We also provide referrals if you need to seek attention from a specialist.

How does Urgent Care compare with Emergency Rooms on cost?

The average cost difference between an ER visit and an urgent care visit is approximately $400. At our Urgent Care Now Center’s, we accept most medical insurance plans, including HMO’s, PPO’s, Medicare, and Medi-Cal. Cash pay also (credit cards accepted). The cost is a small fraction for those without insurance compared to Emergency Rooms.

But what about quality of care?

Urgent Care Now Center’s have highly trained medical teams of Physicians, RN’s, LVN’s, Medical Assistants, X-Ray Technicians and more. In addition, we ensure all providers are current and up to date with any special credentialing or training requirements. State of the art equipment and facilities are routinely commended for cleanliness and functionality, all of which contribute to a high-quality health care experience.